Web is like nothing else (as far as I can see).

A comedy drama, and a passive murder mystery spread over FOUR SHORT FILMS and SIX WEBSITES. 

It has been written but not filmed. ‘Why not?’ you ask (good question).


Prison Cell

I need about £80,000

It’s an estimate; £50,000 production costs and £30,000 for promotion.

The returns? Well, the return on investment COULD be amazing (depending on the amount spent on promotion).

Of course, it could lose a maximum of £80,000. But I’d hope not.

Need to know more?

Good. I’ve written it and I really want to film it. But I can’t afford it (NOW you begin to understand!)

I probably need a producer (or producers) who will stump up the cash in return for the lion share of the profit. But I’m open to suggestions; Crowdfunding or somehow getting 16,000 people to each donate a fiver.

It needs good actors and has to be lit and shot really well. So asking mates to do it for free isn’t really an option.

The girl in the Green Dress

The Girl in the Green Dress

MANDY is at the centre of the mystery. She asks SEAN MARTIN, a private investigator, to solve a murder.

But she fails to tell him who the victim is or name a suspect.

It turns out SHE is the victim and HE is the suspect.



A teeny bit like ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’, where an image of a Victorian woman standing on the end of the cob in Lyme Regis haunted John Fowles for years before he wrote the book, I can clearly see Mandy in my film.

She has always been in a green satin dress.


If you are interested...

I’m not giving away the ending but if you’d like to know how the films (and the websites) pan out, then CHECK OUT the precis.